Empowering refugee women through skills-based learning and cross-cultural communication. 

Room for Freedom means both a physical space and scope for women to spread their wings.


Room to Learn: The opportunity to learn is the key to empowerment.

Room to Explore: The chance to explore outside the niches that confine us is critical to personal growth.

Room to Stand Alone: The ability to stand alone is critical to a woman's survival.

Room to be Together: The solidarity of standing together is critical to women's survival. 

 Our Wish List

  • Classrooms--real classrooms with blackboards and desks and a projector and screen.
  • A library with books in multiple languages, desks and work tables, and computers. A reading area.
  • A comfortable room to hang out in, to meet in, to talk and share in, to relax in.
  • A kitchen, necessary for those who stay in the shelter, but also as a nice amenity for everybody.
  • Day-care rooms, where children can safely play, learn, and nap.
  • Rooms with shelter beds for refugee women at risk. Dorm style for women alone, and family rooms.
  • A bathroom with a bathtub as a little luxury for those who haven't had a long hot soak for a long time.
  • A work-out room.
  • A sewing room.
  • An art room.
  • A workshop.
  • A quiet room where women can book time to be alone.

Nurturing friendships, possibilities, self-reliance, freedom.