Empowering refugee women through skills-based learning and cross-cultural communication.

Maria Fabregas has a spent a year volunteering with the refugee population in several initiatives, and worked with Mercy Corps in the field. She has management experience with various non-profits and social platforms, and extensive experience monitoring a women's social project from its beginning through evaluation. She speaks French, English, Spanish, Catalan, and Farsi speaker. She has a huge interest in working to empower and protect women in risky situations.

Ellena Selway has volunteered with the refugee population in Greece for about a year in various roles including teaching gifted children and starting and running a teen self-expression group as an offshoot of the women's self-expression group at the heart of Room for Freedom. TEFL certified, she has also worked as an English teacher for adults among the population of concern. Ellena speaks English and Arabic and is very concerned with safety and empowerment for women.

Sinead Bolger worked with Syrian refugees in Ireland before volunteering and shift-leading with ‘Project Elea’ at Eleonas Refugee camp in Athens. She was particularly drawn to the women and teenage-girl residents who formed the basis of ‘Freedom’, the women’s self-expression group. Sinead’s background is in arts facilitation and using group work to develop the social and personal skills of diverse peoples. She identified and struggled with the lack of facilities for these women and their children, and is passionate about creating a safe space in Athens to address this issue.  

Sara Powell has spent a year and a half volunteering, in the area of first response on Lesvos, the women's self-expression group at Eleonas, and in teaching (TEFL certified) English. She has extensive management experience with non-profits and activist organizing. Sara is very familiar with the refugees' culture, having grown up in the region and studied Middle East history at the PhD level. She is particularly interested in skills-based teaching and open discussions as tools of empowerment.